So, you’re considering becoming a foster parent, you’ve considered the cost, the logistics, the effect it will have on your family, etc but maybe you still have one question: can I really do it? I’m the first one to say that being a foster parent isn’t for everyone, BUT I also say that there are […]Continue Reading
A topic many people think about when considering becoming a foster parent is “how will my children be affected?” Maybe you have heard a horror story about a foster child harming a bio child. Maybe you worry about dividing your attention between your bio kids and a new placement that may have many needs. Or […]Continue Reading
When considering whether or not the become a foster or adoptive parent there are really two types of costs to consider – the financial cost (covered in my last post) and the cost to your potential foster children if you don’t decide to foster. Let me explain what I mean. When considering becoming a bio […]Continue Reading